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Site Changes and… 2017 Trip

As I indicated earlier, I have made a few changes to the site. Since I haven’t been very good about updating lately, when I did sign in a few days ago, I discovered that quite a few things on the page were not working or looked odd. It is probably because there have been several updates to the WordPress software I use. So, I have spent the better part of 3 days tinkering with the…

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Another Change

I guess that’s what I get for not posting, or even logging in to my blog for months at a time. When I got around to looking at it, some recent updates appear to have caused problems with the formatting. I selected a new format, it only shows a recap of the post, and you’ll have to click to read it. Let’s see how this works.Oh, those are the Organ Mountains at the top… not…

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Vacation 2016

We didn’t fly halfway around the world on vacation in 2016. We did do a drive and fly trip. After a short visit in California, we flew to Seattle, then drove to Vancouver and Victoria, BC and finished with a couple of days in Seattle. After checking airfares, we opted to fly into Seattle and rent a car to drive to Vancouver and Victoria. All of the major car rental agencies allow a car rented…

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Picasa Albums are Gone – Malaysia Photos too

You may  (or may not) have noticed that I have not uploaded any pictures from our Malaysia vacation. I have been using Google’s Picasa Albums feature to post those pictures, and adding a link in the sidebar. That way, I wasn’t forcing the photos on you, but if you were interested, you could click on the link and browse through them. A little while ago, I was just checking the site, and when I went…

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A Quarter of a Year Since My last Update

So, What have I been doing since I am not documenting my life? Even my Instagram feed is pretty small. Well, naturally the Tax season kept me pretty busy through the middle of April. Since then, I haven’t done much of anything though. I also noticed there was a lot about death in my earlier posts. Oh, I did try Win10 again. One of the Tech Blogs I follow suggested that I would like Win10…

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Dan Hicks is Gone

OK, this is too much. Twenty sixteen may see the demise of every musician I liked when I was young(er). In today’s SF Chronicle came the report that Dan Hicks has died. That may mean little to many of you, Hicks was mainly a West Coast act, LA and San Francisco. But he holds a distinctive spot in my musical memory. I may have always been somewhat of an old fogey. In my younger days,…

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