Bob and Ray

As if I needed further proof of my advancing age, Bob Elliot of the comedy team Bob and Ray passed away yesterday. Bob and Ray had a low key, deadpan approach to humor, that I found particularly appealing. My big brother, Ray, introduced me to them when I was a very young impressionable lad. I listened to their radio show (yes, I’m that old!), watched their short lived TV show, listened to their albums, and looked for every guest appearance on TV. Their humor did not appeal to everybody, but I still feel that it holds up very well, even 50 years later. Here is one of my all-time favorite routines of theirs, The  Slow….. Talkers….. of …. America:

This version is from an appearance on a late-night talk show, either Carson or Letterman. Bob Elliot is Harlow….. P…….. Witcomb….the ……president…. I also loved his reporter character, Wally Ballou.

Ray Goulding passed away some years ago.

You can read the Washington Post article about them here. And the original album audio of S-T-O-A is here.


By the way, Bob Elliot is also Chris Elliot’s father.