A Quarter of a Year Since My last Update

So, What have I been doing since I am not documenting my life? Even my Instagram feed is pretty small. Well, naturally the Tax season kept me pretty busy through the middle of April. Since then, I haven’t done much of anything though. I also noticed there was a lot about death in my earlier posts.

Oh, I did try Win10 again. One of the Tech Blogs I follow suggested that I would like Win10 better if I did a ‘clean install‘. That is, download the iso file and burn it to a USB drive, then install like a new installation. I tried that annnndddd it didn’t make a difference, I still hated it. So, back to Win 7.

The good news is it looks like I’ll only have to block those annoying pop-ups for another month or so. If you aren’t aware, the easy way to stop them is to use Steve Gibson’s ‘Never 10’ program. It is available for free here.

Since this is turning into my Tech update, I have made a couple of tech updates to my hardware.

Toshiba U845-S406
Toshiba U845-S406

My Toshiba U845 laptop was a budget Ultra-book laptop when I bought it a couple of years ago. I recently upgraded the hard drive to an SSD, and bumped the memory to 8GB (from 6). It is blazing fast now, but still could use a higher resolution display and longer battery life. But I’m not willing to pay $1100 to get a new laptop. (at least the one I want)

Oh, did I mention I got a new phone??

Samsung Galaxy Note 5









Whoo, just had a thunderstorm blow through, and lost my internet access for a few minutes. Instagram vid of the hail posted.