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Site Changes and… 2017 Trip

As I indicated earlier, I have made a few changes to the site. Since I haven’t been very good about updating lately, when I did sign in a few days ago, I discovered that quite a few things on the page were not working or looked odd. It is probably because there have been several updates to the WordPress software I use. So, I have spent the better part of 3 days tinkering with the sight. I made some changes to the software, and now most of my administrator functions are working properly again. I also changed the theme I was using. The new theme is a simple looking theme that is more useful for the type of blog I have. It is pretty new for WordPress. There is a free and a paid version, I am using the free version (of course). If I like it, I might opt to upgrade  and get more configuration options.

I also hinted in my vacation 2016 recap that we had a longer trip planned for this year. Well, it is still in the planning stages, but, we are going to China later this year. The airline tickets have been purchased and we are just finalizing the itinerary. The plan is to fly to Beijing,


Then on to Xian-,

Terra Cotta Warriors

Chengdu (Panda research center) -,

Panda Research Center








Li River at Guilin

Guilin, and Shanghai.

Shanghai Bund








Finally, a stopover in Seoul South Korea on our way home.

Hahn River in Seoul






I have already purchased the airline tickets, so we are definitely going. We’re flying Asiana Airlines over and back.Since Asiana is Korean, the flights to Beijing, and from Shanghai stop in Seoul. I decided to add a 2 night stay in Seoul. Maybe I can feed my Kpop addiction.

Speaking of Kpop, the leader/lead singer of SNSD (Girls’ Generation), Taeyeon, released a full length studio album this year titled ‘My Voice‘. She also released 3 music videos with the album. My favorite is ‘I Got Love’ linked at the bottom of the front page. Check it out. The other 2 MV;s are linked in the sidebar.

Once the itinerary is completed I’ll update more.