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How to get to Malaysia

Our trip to Malaysia is quickly approaching.  So, how did we decide to go there, and how did I find my flights? Thought you might be interested. First, I can blame Sarah for our trip. She had originally talked about…

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I Hate Technology!

OK, I have spent most of my adult life working in and around technology.  I worked on my first computer in 1964, an IBM 1410. At that time, it was a pretty advanced general purpose business computer. It had a…

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Olympus Pen E-PL 5

Getting ready for our trip to SEAsia that’s coming up, I decided to upgrade my camera. I know that everyone just uses their cellphone these days, except for those REALLY annoying jerks who use their BIG iPad’s to take pictures.…

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July 4th and a Trip Update

Happy July 4th everyone! Since our rainy season came early this year, it is a tad muggy in the desert today. The humidity is at 40% according to my weather gauge. One of our neighbors is hosting a get together…

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